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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Heather B. Moore Jewelry

Heather B Moore

Heather B Moore

Heather B Moore

Heather B Moore

Heather B Moore

SPONSORED How is it already my second Mother’s Day?! I never knew how much one’s heart goes into overdrive once you become a mother until recently. It’s like my heart has mini explosions throughout each day — sometimes out of love, sometimes out of simply staring at my child, oftentimes when he jumps off of the couch with a look of pure mischief in his eyes…it is a constant heart race. I totally can feel my heart growing a little bigger each day.

I love how jewelry can become our armor…it can become our guiding light to celebrate…it can be something we look forward to in both wearing and buying. Motherhood sometimes has a way of becoming very much routine-associated. We forever get into a cycle of waking up, eating breakfast, morning playtime, nap time…with diaper changes in between and never-ending cleanup. This isn’t to say that motherhood is boring or monotonous, it just comes with the territory. And there’s beauty in routine and beauty in everyday things. I have found that jewelry has been something special throughout my journey and it is something I always look forward to — having a break to stare down at my sparkly finger, or having your son twirl your charm necklace in his fingers as you struggle to put his outfit on for the day…jewelry brings  joy throughout it all.

There’s no other designer that exemplifies motherhood within jewelry better than Heather B. Moore. Her pieces are incredibly sentimental and pack so many memories, milestones and occasions into each design. I admittedly never understood the appeal to having something engraved or personalized until I became a mother. I also wasn’t keen on birthstones either, but that totally changed as well.

I received my first piece from Heather B. Moore when I first had my son — the birth stats pendant really appealed to me because it could capture that magical day and all it’s importance in one rectangle. Things like the time of birth, the baby’s weight and height, the day and his full name were all beautifully depicted in this shape, for me to treasure forever. As Gino grew older, the more I loved that piece of jewelry. So when it came time to mark the occasion of successfully breastfeeding my son for 8 long months, I knew I could find something from Heather’s line that I could tweak to represent that. I wrote about that here and that bar charm is another piece I treasure so much.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I had the opportunity to play with TONS of pieces from Heather B. Moore. Anything from charms, to chains, to bracelets, even some one-of-a-kind gemstone charms. I loved getting to style different looks and create some unique layering goals. I hope these images give you some ideas for what kinds of things you’d like to add to your Mother’s Day wish list. All of these pieces can be purchased on the Heather B. Moore website.

Highlights & Favorites:

The 5.2 mm hinge chain looked incredible no matter if it was worn alone or with several charms

I love the all the hinges that Heather makes especially the oval one

The option to personalize a charm with a picture or handwritten note from your child blows my mind (I can’t wait until Gino is older to make one)

A gold chunky bracelet has been on my wish list for awhile – loved pairing the carabiner hinge with the chunky rolo bracelet

So many favorites from the gemstone charms — especially all the watermelon tourmaline ones

Love the “Loops” which can break up charms on a chain so they’re not overlapping too much