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Q & A Interviews

Q & A with Heritage Auction Jewelry Specialist Sunny Skurow

  Heritage Auction Galleries is one of the biggest leaders in auction houses not only in the United States, but worldwide. With over a half million registered online bidders, Heritage meets the demands of eager buyers with a staff of experts, three locations and numerous… Read More

Q & A Interviews

Q & A with Jewelry Designer of Barrett Ford

Barrett Ford is the name of a gorgeous fine jewelry line designed by Kelly Ford Owen, who has quite the creative and artistic family legacy. She truly is an artist in every sense, working hours and hours (usually at night while her son is asleep)… Read More

Q & A Interviews

Q & A with Jim Fiebig of Sell More Color

Jim Fiebig was born into the retail jewelry business in Jonesville, Michigan. He began engraving and small jewelry repairs at age 10 in his parent’s store. After receiving a BA in Music Composition from the University of Michigan, he worked as a musician; jingle producer,… Read More

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Q & A Interviews

Designer Spotlight: Brooke Gregson

    Brooke Gregson combines her love for astrology and geology when designing jewelry.  Her Planetary and Astrology collections recreate the constellations and the surface of the moon by using 14k gold and diamonds. Brooke’s latest designs take silk, gold and precious gemstones and transform… Read More

Q & A Interviews

Q & A with Jewelry Designer Janna Conner

Jewelry designer Janna Conner has been featured on the pages of every girl’s favorite magazines and worn by every girl’s favorite celebrities. She is based in Los Angeles and her designs reflect the laid-back elegance of the west coast. After ten years designing fashion jewelry, Janna shifted… Read More

Q & A Interviews

Q & A with Erie Basin owner Russell Whitmore

    Erie Basin has been described by many visitors as, “a museum where you can actually buy everything you see.” Owner Russell Whitmore even describes his job as a big treasure hunt, where he carefully searches out rare finds. Many of these finds are… Read More