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Obsession: Vintage-Inspired Necklaces

My favorite kind of necklaces or pendants are ones that have a vintage-inspired look to them. They look more intricate and have a unique style of their own. The above picture has two great examples. They often have a chandelier look to them or dangles of diamonds. Some prominent symbols are bows, hearts, or drops. Many jewelry stores carry brand new pieces that have the estate-style to them, while other times you can buy the real thing at antique stores or online. Here are three examples of my top choices: This 14k white gold necklace has round and baguette diamonds that weigh a total of 1/3 of a carat. It is from Reeds Jewelers, which has stores located in the upstate New York area, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Price: $399. This necklace I have been eyeing for quite sometime! I love the bow at the top and the two pear-shaped sapphires dangling. This is a true vintage piece from 1910. It is priced at $7395 from Ross-Simons. Their estate selection is always amazing! This last one comes from Fay Cullen. It is from the Art Deco time period and is a pear-shaped citrine hanging from 18k white gold scrolling. So beautiful and for a price of $780. Read More


How about some gold bracelets?

Stack 'em high!  A trend that is pretty glamorous, is happening right now.  Gold and diamonds are the perfect combination for a glittery wristful. The picture above could act as inspiration--here are some gold bracelets for you guys to check out. This chunky 18k gold and diamond bracelet is actually a vintage piece from Dover Jewelry. It is priced at $12500, so you can see that this trend comes with a price. I could see this bracelet being passed down through generations, and well worth the pricetag. This bracelet has an interesting bamboo link look to it. The diamonds add some glam to an otherwise organic bracelet. The designer is Henry Dunay, and can be found at Neiman Marcus. Gold Palace has always been a favorite of mine. Their bangles made in India, usually are made of 22k gold. Make sure you click on the help section to figure out your correct size of bangle--standard inches are not used. This one is actually a baby bangle, but would probably fit me since I have such tiny wrists! Read More


Obsession: Crosses

I guess since it is Sunday, it would be appropriate to feature some glitzy crosses for your enjoyment. Over the years, this symbol continues to be a favorite and will never go out of style. So remember that when you are purchasing cross jewelry. In any given day, I bet you will see at least one person wearing a cross--whether it is on their ring, hanging as a pendant or dangling from their ears. Here are my top choices for this classic symbol: This delicate rosary is trendy and would make any white t-shirt look designer. It actually has yellow sapphire beads as the chain, which makes it even more unique. Designer: Me & Ro, Price: $1630 and you can purchase this at the Giving Tree. This little thing is 14k white gold and is a necklace that features an offset cross. It is not your everyday cross pendant that hangs from a chain, and that's why I like it. A tiny diamond completes the necklace which can be found at Ylang|23. Price: $465. Don't forget your ears! I think both these 14k yellow gold earrings would be extremely versatile and and are both under $50 from Ross-Simons! At this price you could buy a few pairs, depending on how many holes you have in your ears. Read More

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Obsession: Eternity Bands

A ring that never could go out of style is the classic eternity band. For those of you who don't know, they are bands that have gemstones that go all the way around the entire ring. The stones can be cut in a few different shapes, adding to the uniqueness. Recently, I purchased a round cut sapphire eternity band on Ebay from Doverjewelry. Doverjewelry is a great seller, who was featured in Lucky magazine. The ring caught my attention because of the etching along the 18k white gold, as well as its size of 4.5 (since I have the tiniest fingers!!). It is very difficult to find an eternity ring that small without getting it custom made. I also liked the channel setting because of its wearability (stones are less likely to be "knocked" out). If you're looking for an eternity band, but don't feel like taking a chance on Ebay, check out these below. Happy hunting! This one is from www.Ross-Simons.com It retails for $585, but usually they have some sort of sale, whether it's 15% off or free shipping. The pattern is pretty on this one and 35 points of diamonds make it good for stacking. Or, check out this turquoise and 18k yellow gold eternity band. I like the chunkyness of this ring. It has a boho-chic look to it. But, it comes with a hefty price tag of $1050 from www.moondancejewelry.com The best for last! This eternity band designed by Todd Reed takes the cake! Over 6 carats of raw diamonds and outfitted in 18k yellow gold. At $6000 this would make a great anniversary gift.  Available at www.twistonline.com Read More


Cartier Love Charity Bracelets

THE LOWDOWN:  The combination of two wonderful things--jewelry and charity.  The Love Bracelets from Cartier are not only beautiful, but are hip and trendy right now.  Cartier had some good marketing for these pieces--I've seen the ad for them in almost every fashion magazine.  On top of that, a celebrity party was held in its honor, with some of the top celebrities becoming ambassadors with their own cord color.  NOT SO GOOD: Each bracelet sells for around $475, with $100 going to charity.  A little too expensive if you ask me, for a silk cord and an 18k gold mini "Love" ring.  I would rather spend that kind of money on a good lobster dinner and some tiny diamond studs.  I think I will be waiting for them to hit eBay... www.cartier.com Read More