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The Most Important Holiday Gift for Jewelry Lovers: A Brown Jewelry Safe

As the days in December go by, I’m continually doing my jewelry duty by recommending all my favorite designers, shops and antique jewelry stores for all you holiday shoppers to buy jewelry from. But there’s one more important, very luxurious but often necessary item that I haven’t told… Read More

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Holiday Gift-Giving: A Birthstone for Every Month

I like to gift jewelry during the holidays, for many obvious reasons, but the main one being that jewelry is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Personalization is an aspect I take very seriously when it comes to jewelry because I think it makes it even more special. Read More


October’s Theme: #GemGossipCharms Giveaway!

We’ve teamed up with Erica Weiner, NYC’s double-location antique jewelry mecca and favorite of ours, to help celebrate our charm theme we’ve been running all month long since October 1st! If it isn’t obvious, CHARMS are the hottest thing to collect right now and everyone is… Read More

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Latest Obsessions for Fall 2017

My love for the color blue continues, even through fall when oranges & browns are en vogue. I’ve become obsessed with the blue carved lapis ring that I have had listed for sale so much that I’ve decided to move it into my personal collection. I might still let… Read More


Precious Stones: 1920s Gemstone Postcards from the British Museum

I sometimes get lost in Pala International’s “Gemformation” — a series of newsletters that comes out monthly and is compiled and backdated on their website. So much valuable information, much of it straight from the desk of the infamous Bill Larson, world-renowned gem… Read More


Exclusive Gem Gossip Logo Pins!

You guys, I’m so happy to offer these exclusive Gem Gossip logo pins FINALLY! These have been in the works for quite some time, spearheaded by my sister Bunny Miele. We both are very particular about design, colors, perfection, so after lots of trial and error,… Read More