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New Packaging Thanks to Dana LaRose


One important thing I learned since becoming self-employed in 2015 is how vital it is to reinvest into your business. Whether that’s continuing education in your field, buying more inventory, hiring an employee, or making improvements to your daily tasks, you can’t go wrong with investing in yourself. I’ve made small tweaks here and there to my packaging for @shopGemGossip over the years but never an overhaul. I knew it would be a huge investment, but I was excited to see the outcome.

The transformation started back in the summer of last year. I wanted to give my brand a color scheme and incorporate my newish logos from my website makeover a few years ago. As I started buying more jewelry from designers, I noticed how much thought is put into their packaging and I began to build an affinity for jewelry pouches. I wanted to add them to my packaging but wanted one with my logo gold-stamped on it. So that was my first step with my packaging overhaul. After COVID put a major delay on things, I finally got the pouches in the mail in August. I loved them and loved the colors I picked.

Every time I went to package up an order I would be so proud to send off jewels in one of the new pouches. The rest of my packaging didn’t really match the old, so I finally felt the need to give everything a makeover. I quickly realized I knew nothing about this realm in both design and what companies to reach out to. Luckily a friend of mine specializes in packaging and she jumped at the opportunity.

Dana LaRose knows her stuff — from design, to quality and everything in between. I didn’t offer much on my end besides the new pouches as inspiration. I was up for anything and didn’t want to put any limitations on Dana’s creativity. She worked her magic and provided new high quality boxes, new business cards that matched my new look, thank you cards, logo stickers and tissue paper. I love how everything turned out and can’t recommend Dana enough!

If you’re in the market for new packaging and don’t know where to start or if you already have some but want to give them a makeover, reach out to Dana via DM on Instagram (@danalarose).