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What to Consider When Buying Antique Jewelry

above jewels are available through 1stdibs Whether you are buying antique jewellery as an investment, to wear, to add to a collection, simply because you love it or because of a combination of those things, there are a number of… Read More

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Freshwater and Saltwater Pearls: All you need to Know

I made a study guide for my GIA Colored Stones test, and I’d thought I’d share it with you.  This is a compilation of my readings, the interactive videos, as well as my full-day in Atlanta learning how to grade pearls.  The photos are iPhone pictures from my work… Read More

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Top Jewelry Blogs picked by Gem Gossip, volume 2

About two years ago, I took some time to give thanks and praise my favorite jewelry blogs on the web. I picked ten–all from different walks of life, covering different parts of the industry, and for different reasons. Now I am adding ten more to the bunch.  A few I’ve… Read More

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Important Women in Jewelry over at WYSK

An inspiring and moving website, called Women You Should Know (WYSK), is a portal which features women who are making a name for themselves in their field.  Each personal interview goes in depth and showcases every dynamic side, making light of passions, stories, triumphs, struggles and happiness.  The… Read More

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Colored Stones Grading Lab at GIA Carlsbad, CA

The delay in posts has been due to my recent trip out to southern California for my Colored Stones Grading lab class.  It was a short and quick three days, all of which went by incredibly fast!  I learned a lot and was lucky enough to be at the… Read More

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My Tips for Stacking Bracelets

Over at Frost Yourself, I gave some tips for stacking bracelets–wanted to share here as well!  Check out my post over at Frost Yourself and be sure to follow the jewelry blog for fun reads! “Stackable jewelry continues to be a big hit and will stay that… Read More