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[[1909-2009]] Celebrate Cartier’s Centennial

100 years is a big deal and 2009 marks the American Centennial of world renowned French Jewelery House, Cartier.  The company first opened its doors in America on Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1909.  Because of this special milestone, Cartier has showcased some exciting events throughout this year, has published a book, and of course, launched some significant jewelry which celebrates this occasion.   [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q382eElAOjo] All year long, guided tours are available at the NYC boutique location featuring "100 Creations," anything from one-of-a-kind jewels from Cartier, to objects, to pieces celebrities have worn in the past will be on display.  The book which is being released June 15, 2009 is called Cartier I Love You.  Pre-orders are being placed anywhere from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  The book features photography by Bruce Weber and is an ode to all things Cartier. The gold-bordered, distinctively red cover and case are designed to look like a Cartier jewelry box—-right down to the authentic Cartier ribbon sewn into each binding! The centennial jewelry remakes the popular Trinity style, with the three rings combined, each fashioned in different colors of gold.  Below are two bangles from the collection. Read More

Celebrity Jewelry

Heidi Montag’s Wedding Jewels

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt tied the knot, for real this time, this past weekend. Heidi's jewelry for the big day was bold and glamorous. She is seen here with her bridal jewels, which are Neil Lane and worth over $1 million! Her bracelets are amazing. Below are some great choices from Lang Antiques, all may be well over your wedding budget, but it is always fun to dream! This bracelet is sleek, with a bold center diamond--almost 2 carats! Crafted during the Edwardian Era, it is rightfully done in platinum and totals 4 carats of diamonds. Price: $19,500 This one has the open links, similar to Heidi's. It is a French Art Deco piece, all done in platinum. The total diamond weight here is 8 carats, with a price of $17,500 Although Heidi wore a white-on-white look with her jewelry, adding a small pop of color, especially sapphires, is always pretty. I like this bracelet circa 1915, all set in platinum with bezel set diamond and sapphires. A total of 12 carats worth of diamonds in this bracelet! The price surely reflects that, $36000. All bracelets can be purchased at Lang Antiques, photo of Heidi courtesy of Pop Sugar. Read More

Celebrity Jewelry

Jewelry Lookbook: Vintage Ring Overload

If I could have anyone's jewelry collection it would definitely be Mary-Kate and/or Ashley Olsen's. Everytime they are photographed, the jewelry that they wear is ecclectic and bold, and almost always vintage. Sure there are other celebrities out there that have to die for diamond rings--with monsterous center stones worth millions. But that doesn't lure me. I like the uniqueness of the Olsen's jewelry choices. Each seems as though it has an enchanting story behind it from years passed. These vintage rings, all from Israel Rose, seem as though they all belong on Mary-Kate or Ashley's finger. Enjoy! This sapphire and diamond ring is set in platinum, dating back to the Art Deco Era. The diamonds are great because they are Old Mine cut, which you don't see anymore. The sapphires are French cut. Price: $925 From the Victorian Era comes this 18k yellow gold serpant ring. The Olsens have been seen wearing several snake rings. This one has 3/4 carats of sapphire. Price: $650 Now from the Edwardian time period, this sapphire and diamond ring is done in 18k yellow gold and platinum. The center sapphire is a Cushion cut. Very elegant and dainty. Price: $425 Read More

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Celebrity Jewelry

Give Back to Malawi, Africa [no adopting babies required]

Lori Leavitt's Panthera Collection was created to benefit African children and young adults of Malawi.  Leavitt has expressed her enthusiasm by saying, “As a designer, it's rare to find an opportunity to be able to express my passion and raise awareness to better the lives of children"  Her collection has been beautifully shown off by Camilla Belle in recent ads, as seen above.   Each piece from Leavitt’s Panthera Collection can be worn to reflect your support for Malawi, Africa. The Panthera Collection, inspired by a vintage lion cufflink from the 1860’s, has been designed into necklaces, bracelets, rings, cufflinks and key chains. The collection is created with a 14k gold lion in each piece. The lion was chosen as a representative of the children of Malawi. It is symbolic of the courage the children in Malawi must endure on a day-to-day basis when faced with endless issues of poverty and illness. 100% of the profits from the Panthera Collection will benefit the H.E.L.P. Price:$1158 for above ring. Learn more about the Panthera Collection at http://lorileavitt.com/pages/frontpage www.helpmalawichildren.org Read More

Celebrity Jewelry

Inside Celebrity Jewelry Boxes Straight from InStyle Magazine

eBay was my new best friend these past weeks--just me searching for back issues of InStyle magazine.  Why?  Because of the special article in a few issues, titled  "My Jewel Box," where you can get an inside look into celebrity jewelry boxes.  InStyle featured Christina Aguilera, Kimora Lee Simmons, Donatella Versace and Nicole Richie.  Each article shows pictures of their jewelry, often featuring their collection in their own jewelry boxes and each lovely lady describes several pieces. I love Nicole Richie's large Louis Vuitton jewelry case, full of jewels from all over the world. She says her travels have helped her collection grow--always stopping by shops and boutiques in hopes of that special piece. A few items have been passed down from her mother, which is an important aspect of the unique history behind jewelry. Someday she will pass along her collection to Harlow. Christina Aguilera's jewelry is both sentimental and reflective of her changing style. A favorite of hers is a ruby and white gold locket, with "Max" written on it, with a photo of her son in it. She has necklaces of all kinds draped on gorgeous picture frames. Many of her pieces are designed by Stephen Webster--whom she appears in many ad campaigns for. Kimora Lee Simmons never fails to disappoint when it comes to anything sparkly, so why should her jewelry box be anything less? She pulls out some stunning pieces in her spread, even discreetly keeping mum about how much certain rings cost (like that huge yellow diamond ring). She declares her love for Hello Kitty and even promotes her malachite charity bracelet, that I featured in my favorite charity bracelets post. Read More

Celebrity Jewelry

Rachel Bilson’s Engagement Ring

The paparazzi got a quick glimpse of Rachel Bilson's new engagement ring. It looks as though it is a solitaire, possibly round cut set in either white gold or platinum. No idea about the carat weight, but being that the photo was shot from afar and it still looks big, I'd say it is at least 3 carats. More details will soon emerge, I'm sure, but it is always exciting to see an engagement ring of anyone's--whether they are famour or not! There is so much meaning behind these significant pieces of jewelry. Rachel's ring definitely suits her style, best wishes for the happy couple! Read More