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[[1909-2009]] Celebrate Cartier’s Centennial

100 years is a big deal and 2009 marks the American Centennial of world renowned French Jewelery House, Cartier.  The company first opened its doors in America on Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1909.  Because of this special milestone, Cartier has showcased some exciting events throughout this year, has published a book, and of course, launched some significant jewelry which celebrates this occasion.  

All year long, guided tours are available at the NYC boutique location featuring “100 Creations,” anything from one-of-a-kind jewels from Cartier, to objects, to pieces celebrities have worn in the past will be on display.  The book which is being released June 15, 2009 is called Cartier I Love You.  Pre-orders are being placed anywhere from Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  The book features photography by Bruce Weber and is an ode to all things Cartier. The gold-bordered, distinctively red cover and case are designed to look like a Cartier jewelry box—-right down to the authentic Cartier ribbon sewn into each binding!


The centennial jewelry remakes the popular Trinity style, with the three rings combined, each fashioned in different colors of gold.  Below are two bangles from the collection.