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Book Review: GEM the Definitive Visual Guide

Earlier this year I finally did something every American needs to do at least once in their lifetime: I visited Washington DC and the Smithsonian. I could have spent the entire day, from open until close, in the National Museum of Natural History–their National Gem &… Read More


Book Review: Fancy Color Diamonds – The Pricing Architecture

Pricing fancy colored diamonds has always been sort of an art for appraisers and diamond dealers—so many factors come into play, lots of unchartered territory. Not to mention, it is so market-driven with many unknowns. To make things even more difficult, fancy colored diamonds are multi-layered themselves, with… Read More


Video Series: Gem Gossip Read & Wear for February 2016

Hey! Can you believe I made it through two whole months keeping this New Year’s resolution?! I know, neither can I! So February has come and gone, and I thought sticking to a strict one ring purchase per month and one book purchase per month would… Read More

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Video Series: Gem Gossip Read & Wear for January 2016

  Hey friends!  So I’ve decided to make a video series and although I’m new to this and very unfamiliar with speaking in front of a camera, I realize that I should just go for it and hopefully improve along the way–so this is my first ever video… Read More


Five Jewelry Books That Will Release in Time for the Holidays

If you’re like me, you’ll jump at the sight of a new jewelry book release and do a happy dance the moment the mailman delivers your new reading material. The holidays are a time… Read More


Book Review: Toward an Art History of Medieval Rings by Sandra Hindman

My latest summer reading is off to a great start!  This week has been nothing but dreary, overcast days–perfect for an afternoon spent reading books. It only has taken me a few sittings to be nearly finished with this one, it is called: Towards an Art History… Read More