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Case Antiques Auction Has A Summer Sale Full of Jewelry

Excited to share an upcoming auction from Case Antiques Auctions and Appraisals that features some really great pieces of fine jewelry. Earlier this year I got to visit the jewelry when it was at Case’s Nashville office for a preview, and although this time the jewels are staying in Knoxville, their glittering presence is felt through the screen! The sale is set for July 13th and features not only a wide variety of jewelry, but also art and antiques with over 750 lots total. If you’re in the Knoxville area, you can preview the items on July 12th from noon until 6pm and of course, you can sign up to bid on Live Auctioneers. They are currently seeking consignments for future sales through both their Nashville and Knoxville offices.

Important things to note: Case offers free delivery of jewelry back to their Nashville office for successful bidders, as well as nationwide shipping which can be arranged if you should win. Here is the link to their website catalog and their Live Auctioneers’ catalog.

Let’s get right into the sale and learn more about my top picks:


Lot 38: This necklace caught my attention because I knew it was a signed, designer piece. My inclination was correct when I read the description — it is Buccellati and done in 18k white and yellow gold. This necklace style is very en vogue at the moment, as it is a collar style and measures 19 inches in length. There are diamonds scattered throughout, 52 to be exact, and they total approximately 0.85 carats. Estimate: $5400-6400


Lot 41: What a knockout ring! From the oval cut in the center, to the sparkling fancy intense yellow diamonds that are side stones, this ring has it all. All three diamonds have GIA certifications, with the center being 7.32 carats & VS-1 clarity G color, and the two side stones are 1.08 carats & VVS-2 clarity fancy intense yellow, and 1.13 carats & VS-1 clarity fancy intense yellow. This would make a gorgeous engagement ring or right-hand ring! Estimate: $100k-120k


Lot 43: If you ask me, everyone should have a pearl necklace in their jewelry wardrobe. It is classic and sophisticated, with this particular necklace being extra special. Why? Because they are South Sea pearls, a kind of pearl that originates from a certain location (South Sea) and has a rarity unlike ordinary freshwater pearls. This strand measures 18 1/4″ and alternates white with golden pearls, finished off with a disco-ball clasp set with diamonds. If you don’t own any pearls, I suggest some from this sale! Estimate: $8800-14k


Lot 44: I’m always looking for Art Deco rings, especially ones featuring diamonds and sapphires. This is a perfect example of the time period, with Old European cut diamonds, French cut sapphires and set in platinum. I would wear this ring on my right hand, either ring or middle finger, and as an added bonus it looks as though it can easily stack with other rings. Estimate: $4400-5400


Lot 45: Another very fine example of an Art Deco piece, this bracelet is locked in time, back to the 1920s. The diamonds total 3.43 carats approximately and accented by French cut sapphires, which adds a beautiful blue to the all-white of the diamonds and platinum. The bracelet is 7 inches in length and would make a great addition to any jewelry wardrobe. Estimate: $2800-3200


Lot 46: Did you say you don’t own any diamond stud earrings? Well, these are another staple everyone should have in their wardrobe! These particular diamond studs are quite stunning–they are over 4 carats each, so a total of 8.34 carats. Both diamonds have a GIA certification and set in 14k white gold. I don’t think I’ve ever tried on diamond studs that are this big, but these are truly once-in-a-lifetime.  Estimate: $16k-19k


Lot 47: Here’s another pearl necklace that deserves some attention — this one is all white South Sea Pearls, which graduate in size, from 13.1 mm to 16.6 mm. Some outstanding pearls, with excellent matching and very good luster. The clasp on this one is similar to the other pearl necklace I highlighted, very disco-ball looking, set in 18k white gold with diamonds. Estimate: $6k-9k


Lot 173: Looking for a classic, everyday diamond tennis bracelet? Look no further than this lot! This piece easily goes with anything and can be worn day or night. The diamonds total 7 1/2 carats and set in 18k yellow gold. If you’re wondering how long it is, it is 7 1/2″ and could easily be sized to accommodate. Can you picture yourself wearing it?! Then sign up to bid and make it happen! Estimate: $2400-2800


Lot 401: Big and bold, this ring will turn heads!  It is an 8 carat tanzanite in the center, set in 18k yellow and white gold, surrounded by 5 1/2 carats of diamonds. I love the deep purplish-blue color of the tanzanite and the design/setting is absolutely perfect. I would stare at it all day if I won this auction and would wear it on either right or left hand, without any other rings. It is a size 6. Estimate: $1400-1800


Lot 642: I like buying diamond bar pins and turning them into rings. This lot would be an ideal example to do this, as it would be not too big or not too small as a ring. The pin itself features Old European cut diamonds which total nearly 1 1/2 carats and set in 14k gold. I love the intricacies of Art Deco pieces, like the filigree in this pin. This piece also doubles as a pendant, so there are several possibilities to wear it! Estimate: $500-600

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