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Canadian Diamonds: Polar Bear Laser Inscription


I have been learning some fascinating information from taking the Diamonds courses at GIA.  This week I have been reading about the different diamond mines that are present around the world.  I was particularly interested in the recent diamond mines opened in Canada’s Northwest territory.  Not only are these mines quite recent discoveries (1990s) they have more potential for new and undiscovered finds as well. Those who study diamonds know that it is difficult to look at a faceted diamond and guess as to where it was mined, although there are a few characteristics that distinguish some.  Canada has introduced “branding diamonds” into the realm of the industry, having their diamonds authenticated with laser inscriptions, sometimes even logos.  


Polar Bear Diamonds first introduced their concept of laser inscribing their diamonds in 1999–each one has a number and the polar bear logo lasered into the diamond’s girdle.  The inscription signifies that the diamond has been mined, cut, and polished in Canada and is 100% Canadian diamond.   


>>There are many other diamonds that are “branded” which give them a whole new way of marketing each one. To learn more about these types of diamonds and other interesting facts, take the Diamonds Essentials or Diamonds & Diamond Grading courses at GIA.