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Book Review: No Stone Unturned

{Continuing with the British Week theme, I received an awesome book in the mail sent to me by Sam Loxton of Lucas Rarities, located in London.}


Sam Loxton of Lucas Rarities located in London has graciously sent me a copy of “No Stone Unturned” a catalogue which depicts important pieces of antique jewelry designed by the most influential jewelry designers of the era.  Each piece is highlighted with gorgeous, colorful pictures and information describing more than just the basic details.  Sam Loxton wrote the Foreword of the catalogue, with the remaining bits written by Claudine Seroussi Bretagne.  In the catalogue, Boivin, Belperron, Flato, Iribe, and Verdura are named the most influential high-designers.  Events like the Ballets Russes, with its first performances ever held in Paris during 1908 are huge turning points in fashion and jewelry.  Printed magazines and journals, increased travel to Europe, and an influx of Indian gemstones are other influential occurrences. At the turn of the 20th Century, semi-precious stones like topaz, amethyst, moonstone and aquamarine were beginning to be used in jewelry more and more–and they were mainly chosen based solely on color rather than quality (like they are today).  I also found it interesting that Rene Boivin rarely signed his pieces due to the thought of signing them as vulgar! 

I really enjoyed reading through the catalogue and learning more about these substantial jewelry designers of the 20th Century.  I thank Sam Loxton for sending me a copy!

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