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Black & POC Fine Jewelry Designers, Stores & Dealers

It’s extremely disheartening to see the cyclical headlines, as it doesn’t seem like America is making progress in racial equality & unity. Protests have ignited across the country in response to the latest wave of violent acts against Black Americans and we can no longer stay silent or continue with our typical content of gems and jewelry.

While we are always working to improve, learn, grow — we wanted to put together a list of Black & POC-owned jewelry businesses which we can continue to add to (would love suggestions in comments). I wanted to highlight these at this time because I know there are so many platforms that are voicing others ways to take action (like donating, educating, protesting, voting, signing petitions) which are all extremely important, but my platform’s focus is on JEWELRY so I will honor my niche and spotlight these designers.

I promise you I didn’t just post a black square on my feed on Tuesday without fully reflecting on the point of it. And it won’t and does not end here. This isn’t a one day thing. I have taken action — for me, that meant to educate myself (which will be ongoing), I’ve donated, and now, as a brand, Gem Gossip has hired a couple content contributors, one of which will showcase, in a monthly feature, Black & POC jewelers. To help me with this, Asia of @irockGEMS will be helping, so I can’t wait to introduce you all to her. In the meantime, here is the list she has helped put together, along with a few readers’ contributions. Hope to continue to add to this.

Mateo New York

Seven June Jewelry

White Space Jewelry

Sheryl Jones Jewelry

Lorraine West Jewelry (launching fine soon)

Satta Matturi Jewellery

Sonia Tonkin

Ruben Loves Me Jewelry


Harwell Godfrey

Castro NYC

Yinka Orisan

Monique Pean


Maggi Simpkins

Valerie Madison Jewelry

Moijey Diamonds

Shamila Fine Jewelry

Miss Mickster

Ryan Nelson

Sandy Baker

Hamilton Butler Jewels

Lauren Newton Jewelry

So Gold Studios


AM Thorne Jewelry

Flolis Jewels

Almasika Fine Jewellery

Annabelle Epstein Davis


Sea Pony Couture (custom fine)