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Best Jewelry Looks of the 2015 Grammy Awards!

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I haven’t “live tweeted” an awards show at all in 2015, mainly because if you’ve done it in the past five years, you pretty much are bored by the jewelry scene on the red carpet.  Same names over and over again, with even safer looks in terms of jewelry–with only a select few of celebrities actually giving credit to their jewelry by naming the jewelry designer as part of their “what are you wearing?”  I’m dying for someone to choose the jewelry first and foremost, and then plan their red carpet look based off that. Or maybe wear an incredible and very interesting piece of jewelry, only to have it be created by some designer that no one has ever heard of before (at least the masses). Now THAT would be red carpet history!  And that would be talked about for weeks!  But no, everyone seems to continue to wear jewelry that is predictable or what their stylist was given or some other lame reason.  

I’ve decided to recap some of my favorite jewelry looks from the Grammys this year because I felt each one of these looks struck a chord with me–I enjoyed these looks the most!  Of course, not pictured is Rhianna who can do no wrong in the jewelry category and will forever be on my best dressed jewelry list.  I love how she always has on multiple earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets–always stacked high, and if the look is more minimal, it is still very striking.  She also isn’t afraid to mix and match the best jewelry designers out there.  

My favorite jewelry look of the night would have to be Bonnie McKee not only because she is wearing vintage/antique Neil Lane but also because she is wearing my favorite color of the season.  I love the long gold and diamond necklaces mixed with the large cross necklace, especially with this neckline and dress style.  One big, bold gold cuff is worn on her left arm and then a mixing of five rings, some of them set with amethyst to go along with her dress color.  I love this look and I can see myself wearing it, which is why I think I like it so much.

The next jewelry look I loved–emphasis on jewelry look–because of the wide variety of rings and also because they are worn on every finger!  The ear climber also made a statement, especially because of the hair style, although I don’t really like the hair or dress.  Zendaya wore an Amrapali gold ring, Carrera y Carrera gold ring, Leticia Linton citrine ring, and a Jack Vartanian gold ring and ear climber.  Love the mixing of multiple designers!

Beyonce’s performance jewels were really quite special!  The layering of two somewhat similar diamond necklaces is genius!  The necklaces juxtapose one another brilliantly and each has an interesting story.  The diamond tie necklace is designed by Messika and is from the Silk High Jewelry Collection.  Called the “Miss Hepburn” necklace, it consists of over 40 carats of diamonds and is unique because you can fold it up into the palm of your hand like a wad of silk!  The other diamond necklace is an exclusive one-of-a-kind Monique Péan open collar cascade necklace set with rose cut and pear shaped diamonds mounted in 18k white gold. The necklace was made exclusively for Christie’s x Latest Revival curated collection.

Katy Perry never disappoints when it comes to large cocktail rings on the red carpet. The ring is a fancy Harry Kotlar canary-yellow diamond worth $2 million. I love how it photographed with the dangles coming off of her dress onto her hand.  

That choker necklace on Jennifer Hudson looked amazing on both her and the red carpet! I also love that it is from Marli, a fairly new company which is great to see.  The ring is also amazing–Jorge Adeler lemon lime quartz ring with diamonds.  No word on the designer of the other really cool ring worn by Jennifer–but I think it compliments her other jewelry perfectly.

Giuliana Rancic wore Jack Vartanian snake ear climbers, Le Vian diamond rings, and Chimento diamond rings and I am only highlighting this jewelry red carpet look because I love what was worn and love the emphasis on lot of rings with nothing else except a bold ear climber earring.  If she would have worn a necklace and bracelets, I think the look would have been ruined!  Well done!

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