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Best Jewelry: 2009 Teen Choice Awards


Although I’m not a teenager anymore, I guess watching the Teen Choice Awards keeps you feeling younger.  Unfortunately almost everyone’s jewelry choices were extremely minimal.  I felt Leighton Meester stood out, not only with her dress but her jewelry choices.  The earrings are by designer Cathy Waterman.  I’ve featured her Love of my Life Collection before, however these earrings worn by Leighton Meester are done in rubies.  Here they are below!   


If I were a stylist, I think Elisa Solomon’s microphone ring is the best choice for an event like this.  Whether you are a singer first and foremost, or just dream of being on stage singing—this is such a fun find.  I like how diamonds make up the portion you talk into.  It is done in 18k yellow gold and priced at $603.