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Beladora features Aldo Cipullo Jewelry #LoveGold

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I like to think the mildly common parallels between Aldo Cipullo’s life and mine mean something; I think it is mainly because, although I do love jewelry–his jewelry designs I adore.  His most iconic creation–the Cartier Love bracelet–is incredibly genius.  Its simplicity, mass appeal, symbolism, and most importantly, it being unisex makes it such a best-selling, most coveted jewelry item.  His “Juste un Clou” Nail collection has seen a resurgence to new generation coveters, I being one of them.  The idea and symbolism of a nail making up the entirety of a design is brilliant. 

Cipullo produced more than just those well-known pieces during his tenure at Cartier.  Several pieces are currently for sale from Beladora, an antique and estate jewelry source of the world, located in Beverly Hills, California.  I’ve visited their headquarters three years ago and they have some pretty amazing pieces of jewelry.  Those pieces include some very geometric inspired designs, using opaque gemstones and 18k gold.  The model above is wearing some great examples, as well as the specific details below:


Cartier Aldo Cipullo Jade and Onyx Earrings in 18K




Cartier Aldo Cipullo Rhodonite Pendant in 18K




Cartier Aldo Cipullo Lapis and Coral Earrings in 18K




Cartier Aldo Cipullo Black Onyx Circles Bracelet in 18K




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