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Battle of the Bracelets: Snakes vs. Skulls

I’ve seen many takes lately of snake and skull bracelets/bangles. For now, we will focus on snakes. Tomorrow will be all about the skulls. After these two styles go head to head, everyone can vote on which they like better. Check out my favorite snake bracelets below!


Circa 1970, this snake bracelet has some beautiful etchings which give it its unique look. I also like how it wraps, and would look great worn higher up on the arm. This would make a great investment piece as well, seeing that it is made of 22k yellow gold. This one’s from Beladora and priced at $2250.


Love this style, the snake seems to come off as a delicate creature when designed in this way. This little guy has ruby eyes and done in 14k yellow gold. Designed by Sarah Jannerbo, a team of two sisters, using the lost wax method. These lovely ladies are based in Tennessee, not too far from myself.  Price: $1760


If you want a more sparkly take on a snake bracelet, this one outshines them all. From Beladora, this piece has 7 carats worth of diamonds and 3 carats worth of sapphire, set in platinum! The huge pear-shaped sapphire accenting the snake’s head is killer. This one’s from the 1950s and is priced at $7550.


The moment this snake bangle was “Twit-Pic’ed” I thought it was amazing. It is done in 18k yellow gold with a diamond on the snake’s head.  I love the design, with the end curled around, meeting back to the head.  This piece is designed by C. Greene and can only be found at Broken English.  Price: $2200