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Arik Kastan Launches New Designs in Collaboration with Anthropologie

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Welcome to the best collab you’ve ever seen! Arik Kastan is debuting their second collection which was designed hand-in-hand with Anthropologie’s Jewelry Buyer and is exclusive to Anthropologie only! The pieces are reflective of summery brights, with pops of radiant color achieved by our fiery zircons, blue topaz and peridot. This exclusive collaboration focused on giving shoppers some cool, bohemian earrings using bold colors and not have you break the bank in doing so! These are it! And I’m so excited about all the styles!

What’s new?

New exclusives for Anthropologie

Introducing the Marquis Studs in 14k gold

Are you feeling more blue, green or raspberry today?! These are tough choices when it comes to the different gemstone varieties these earrings come in. The blue are blue zircons and have a stunning electric-blue look. A perfect pairing for blue jeans or a casual ensemble. Have green eyes? Then you MUST choose the green zircon–these will make your eye color pop! The pinkish-red hue is a favorite and the color is truly stunning in person!

Introducing the Fireworks Studs in 14k rose gold

Another exclusive style of stud earrings in our Anthropologie lineup are these Firework Studs. Can you see them lighting up the midnight sky?! Bursting with color, we used different gemstone combinations to create a variety of three looks. The first is Peridot and Pearls, the second is blue Topaz and Pearls, and the third is pink Zircons and Turquoise! Which is your favorite?!

Introducing the Posy Ring in 14k rose gold

A new ring style exclusive to Anthropologie is this Posy Ring and we outdid ourselves on this one! Both are set with zircons of various intensities to give each ring an ombre look. The main cluster is flanked by three gems, giving it an asymmetrical style. Posy rings are a type of ring that goes back to the 15th century in England. They were given as lover’s gifts and held much significance. What a fitting name for such a unique ring!

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