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Antique & Modern Motif: The Snake


I will be forever obsessed with snake motif jewelry–both antique and modern. The snake has been charming jewelry boxes since the Victorian Era and has been said to symbolize eternity, everlasting love, life and protection. Not sure exactly why snake jewelry fascinates me; if I were to see a snake in real life I would most likely scream bloody murder. But for any reason, the snake is here to stay! Here are my favorite snake jewels: 070927_601_BE_JLGPHOTO_0 Modern marvel: the two-finger ring. This one is designed by Colette and features a coiled snake with diamonds in 18k yellow gold. From Broken English, Price: $4,835


A 14k yellow gold snake who hold a rock crystal ball makes a great pendant. This one is vintage and from The Three Graces, Price: $1,950

m408234602 Victorian natural pearl and snake ring in 14k yellow gold. This ring is from A. Brandt & Son, Price: $3495 final_004_450 This sparkler of a ring is 18k rose gold with diamonds and emerald eyes, designed by Julia Cohen. Available at Broken English, Price: $12,000