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5 Easy Steps to Insure the Jewelry that Means the Most to You


Many people are aware they should insure their jewelry, but may fear the task of another policy or payment to worry about, or they assume that it is included in their homeowner’s insurance policy. And while nobody plans to lose their jewelry, it happens to the best of us. Personal jewelry insurance can be designed to protect against risks specific to jewelry, while most other insurance isn’t. Homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, even jewelry warranties typically do not adequately cover jewelry.

But there are multiple options out there. So where can you find the easiest option to keep you protected? Enter Lavalier! Lavalier’s coverage is personalized and designed to be as easy as possible. Their coverage is designed to provide extensive protection for your jewelry should anything ever happen to it.

Follow these simple steps and you’re on the road to insuring the jewelry that means the most to you:

1 — Make sure you have an appraisal – When you purchase your jewelry, ask for an appraisal if the jeweler doesn’t give you one. If you’re looking to insure a piece you purchased a while ago, go back to your jeweler and ask for one.

2 — Request a free quote at Lavalier.com. Lavalier makes this simple; it takes under a minute. A Lavalier policy usually costs between 1% and 2% of the appraised value.

3 — Submit documents – Once you request your quote, submit your appraisal and payment information. If additional information is needed, you’ll hear from Lavalier!

4 — Keep your policy up to date – Let Lavalier know when you move or get a new credit card. This will make sure you stay insured.

5 — Add new jewelry to your policy – Do you have a special occasion coming up? As you get more jewelry, be sure to add it into your policy so that everything is protected.

Whether you are insuring your wedding rings or the earrings your grandmother gave you, you know how important it is to protect the symbols of life’s most precious moments. Jewelry insurance through Lavalier is easy, affordable, and provides a comprehensive and customized solution to cover your valuable jewelry and all that it stands for.

Visit Lavalier.com today for peace of mind and to know that your valuables are properly insured.

*This post is not sponsored by Lavalier — we just wanted to provide this information as we’ve received a lot of requests asking for recommended insurance policies for jewelry.