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{from top to bottom:  Gem Circus giving us a dose of her personal collection, all beautiful antique pieces Melanie Casey Jewelry, located 30 mintues outside of Boston, is quickly becoming a favorite of everyone Market Square Jewelers has such a… Read More


Leslie Hindman Auction Set For December 4th & 5th, 2016

Wow, am I really wrapping up the last few jewelry auctions of the year?! I guess so. And if the auction world still hasn’t convinced you that you should be bidding, just relish in all the records that were broke in this year alone. So many amazing collections… Read More

Designer Jewelry

New One-of-a-Kind Collection from Sarah Swell Jewelry

Sarah Swell One-Of-A-Kind Rings Edition 1 from sarah swell on Vimeo. After years of wanting to create special one-of-a-kind rings, jewelry designer Sarah Swell decided to go for it and let her creativity flourish. The rings featured in the above tranquil video are… Read More

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My Jewel Box

My Jewel Box: Secret Code Diamond Ring from Jessie V E Jewellery

Jessie V E Jewellery does it again! Another collection to obsess over and, just like her Constellation Collection, something unique and fun, because diamonds should never be boring. And these diamonds in her “Feel the Love” Collection hold a secret! That’s right, they have… Read More

My Jewel Box

My Jewel Box: I’m Suddenly Charmed by Charms

Most of my personal collection of charms consists of pieces I’ve had since I was little or items that were passed down to me. Like my Baptismal medal and my dad’s Italian horn. The green enamel fish and heart key charm were from my grandparents’ and… Read More


Book Review: Lydia Courteille Extraordinary Jewellery of Imagination and Dreams

I opened up this book knowing very little about the French designer Lydia Courteille. I’ve seen her incredible designs on Rihanna, at trade shows, in magazines, and every time I see one of her pieces, I have a slight heart attack. Her over-the-top and bold creativity… Read More