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New One-of-a-Kind Collection from Sarah Swell Jewelry

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Sarah Swell One-Of-A-Kind Rings Edition 1 from sarah swell on Vimeo.

After years of wanting to create special one-of-a-kind rings, jewelry designer Sarah Swell decided to go for it and let her creativity flourish. The rings featured in the above tranquil video are the direct results of her desire to break up the monotony and do something different. This is the first edition batch of rings and she will be creating more editions which will build off from this grouping. All rings are 18k yellow or rose gold with various rose cut and full cut diamonds. Each one was entirely hand carved in wax and no mold was made, making them each unique and truly one of a kind. Sarah says, “I wanted them to retain the feel of a handmade piece, so while I kept the lines clean and sculptural, there is a decidedly hand crafted feel to them.”

The entire nine-ring collection can be found here on her website.


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