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Obsession: RUIFIER Jewellery

Every now and then I come across a jewelry collection that I get really excited about and inspired by–RUIFIER has been on my mind ever since a few weeks ago when I discovered their brand while browsing for some unique ring designs for my #GemGossipWishList.  … Read More

Q & A Interviews

Q & A with M. Khordipour, Rare & Fine Estate Jewelry

As always, I am continually on the hunt for new sources of the best antique and vintage jewelry out there! That’s how I came across M.Khordipour and his incredible array of rare and fine estate jewelry. His inventory includes a very exquisite diamond and pearl tiara created… Read More

Jewelry Collection Stories

Gem Gossip Gold Future Heirlooms #LoveGold

The holidays are a perfect time of year to gather around with family and talk about memories and heirlooms. If I can describe the most memorable gift I ever received during this time of year, it would have to be, no doubt, my Gram’s gold locket given to… Read More

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Favorite Instagram Pictures: December 2014

roseark has a crush on this regal coin pendant designed by Hanut Singh mineralien captures golden rutile on hematite in this quartz specimen–Incredible!! maejeanvintage has me dreaming of scarabs and what interesting bib necklace one could create out of several marionfasel proves there’s nothing better than picturesque mountains… Read More

Q & A Interviews

Q & A with Misa Hamamoto of Misa Jewelry

    I have such high respect for those who make a career change within their life, especially if it involves taking a risk to follow what makes you happy!  Misa Hamamoto and I have that in common.  After going to college and graduating with a BA… Read More

Designer Jewelry

Designer Spotlight: Corinne Simon Jewelry

Santa Monica-based jewelry designer Corinne Simon uses gemstones and metal as her tools to bring dreams and fantasies to life.  She is proud to launch a new collection called Rèverie and has kicked things off with a photoshoot featuring her vivid designs. Such… Read More