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Designer Spotlight: Corinne Simon Jewelry

Corinne Simon Corinne Simon Jewelry Corinne Simon Corinne Simon Corinne Simon Corinne Simon

Corinne Simon Jewelry

Santa Monica-based jewelry designer Corinne Simon uses gemstones and metal as her tools to bring dreams and fantasies to life.  She is proud to launch a new collection called Rèverie and has kicked things off with a photoshoot featuring her vivid designs. Such unique jewels, and I love how I can see all her influences in each piece.  From her early years studying visual arts, to her career designing accessories and belts, each walk of life resonates from within. I first discovered Corinne on Etsy while searching for rings and was immediately drawn to her striking silhouettes she creates.

Hand-crafted using the lost was technique, Corinne is able to hone her sculpting skills and passion when designing jewelry.  Each gemstone is hand- picked, inspiring a vision that is sculpted, morphing the precious metal with the stone to create a vivid, bold, and whimsical piece of jewelry.  

With the holidays rapidly approaching, customers are down to the last few days to order!  So if you love her pieces, make sure to hurry and place your order before the deadline!  Corinne specializes in custom orders, with anything from a special, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, to a current item from her line using different gemstones.  Take a look at her Etsy shop and make sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram!