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Holiday Gift Guide: The Gem Nerd

This holiday gift guide is dedicated to the stylish GEM NERD who can’t get enough of gemstones, whether they are rough, faceted or set in jewelry! Maybe an aspiring gemologist or already has the degree hanging up on the wall…either way, this Holiday Gift Guide is for her! 1-… Read More

Q & A Interviews

Q & A with Jewelry Designer Michelle Fantaci

    Michelle Fantaci‘s jewelry caught my attention on Instagram. I fell in love with its ability to be worn in layers, which is something I tend to do naturally. Then I learned more about the designer behind the brand and admired… Read More


Holiday Gift Guide: My Personal Wish List 2013

Every year I make a Holiday Wish List, which covers all my bases as a jewelry collector, gemologist, blogger and treasure hunter!  I try to pick items which I am currently coveting–like a new jewelry designer I discover, or a gemstone I am really loving at the moment.  My… Read More

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Designer Jewelry

Hinting Season: Gemfields x Jacquie Aiche Collaboration #LoveGold

  Stone & Strand just launched an exclusive collaboration with Gemfields, the world’s leading producer of ethically-sourced rare colored gemstones.  The first in a series of ongoing collaborations with different designers is with Beverly Hills-based and Coveteur alum Jacquie Aiche, who counts celebrities… Read More


Rago Arts Jewelry Auction Set for December 8, 2013

Every year, as the holidays creep closer and the end of the year approaches, there is one auction that I get excited for and that is the Rago Arts Jewelry Auction!  It is like a yearly ritual, where I pick my favorite lots and get cozy… Read More

Antique & Vintage Jewelry

Etsy Shop: The Eden Collective

The Eden Collective is an online treasure trove of vintage and antique jewelry, collected over the years by owner Eden.  She has a keen eye for for what is collectable and trendy when it comes to antique jewelry.  Reinventing pieces that are difficult to wear nowadays… Read More