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Holiday Gift Guide: The Gem Nerd


This holiday gift guide is dedicated to the stylish GEM NERD who can’t get enough of gemstones, whether they are rough, faceted or set in jewelry! Maybe an aspiring gemologist or already has the degree hanging up on the wall…either way, this Holiday Gift Guide is for her!

1- Every now and then I stumble across a piece of clothing that has some sort of gem on it–love this gemstone dress from NastyGal.

2- Big, bold Lapis makes for a great necklace! Us gem nerds can’t get enough of lapis.  This 21 inch strand is from Lang Antiques in San Francisco and it is the biggest they’ve ever seen!

3- A kaleidoscope of gems!  This amazing ring from J. W. Currens features a rock crystal dome atop diamonds, amethyst, aquamarine, fire opal, topaz, citrine, garnet and tourmaline!

4- I’m obsessed with this ring.  It is set with a one-of-a-kind Peruvian Opal in 18k rose gold and diamonds. Designed by Amy Gregg and available at Roseark.

5- Amethyst geodes and crystal formations are one item I can’t stop oogling and if there are some for sale, I will buy them!  Although quite common, being a quartz, I still think it is amazingly beautiful; gift from nature!

6- An incredible combination of Smokey Quartz and Amazonite.  OMG.

7- Abalone is the next big thing.  These earrings from Jacquie Aiche depict beach babe in every way possible! 

8- Every Gem Nerd needs a loupe–make it golden!

9- An antique stick pin which features a globe of malachite and a gold lizard crawling on it?! Amazing! Found at The Antique Jewellery Company.

10- Malachite may be a favorite gem of many gem fanatics, and these perfectly polished stud earrings are just the right amount of the stone.  Designed by Madyha Farooqui.

11- Any gem enthusiast will tell you, the Tucson Gem Show is their Mecca!  This annual trip needs to be on any gem collector’s wish list.

12- Love this pearl ring design by Katura Design, made with a natural pearl which is such a reflection of the mollusk from which it grew–very organic, shimmery and iridescent!