Endless talk of all things sparkly.

You Fancy, We Fancy

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Sometimes you have to ignore all the hundreds of spam comments and PR emails and get back to what sincerely inspires you to create and maintain a blog like this. It’s the gorgeous, jaw-dropping jewels, the insane designers that conjure up the pieces, the fancy ornate things in life--brilliant luxury. Enough.

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{From top to bottom:

French portrait circa 1800, $3000 from 1stdibs

Royal Tiffany & Co. gothic style brooch with aquamarine circa 1970, from 1st dibs

still can’t get enough of Jessica McCormack and her blog

who else secretly wants to see Legends of the Guardians? #owlsrule

Crown Jewels are the ultimate jewels, crown of Elizabeth Kotromanic in Zadar

Beautiful Art Nouveau diamond ring from Erie Basin, $1390

Natural pearls are the ultimate pearl, earrings worn by royalty

Art Deco hand-painted portrait pendant with diamonds, $5790 from 1stdibs}