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Woman’s Lost $15k Diamond, Found!


Losing the diamond in your engagement ring is the last thing any woman would want to happen.  In fact, it is probably some’s worst nightmare.  That is exactly what happened to Catherine Hart on her trip to a sleepover at the American Museum of Natural History.  Her fun-filled outing came to a halt when she noticed the diamond missing from her ring. 

After searching with no luck, the staff of the museum took action by sifting through vacuum bags, taking notice to “anything that sparkled.”  With seven bags to check, the staff stumbled upon some luck when the fourth bag brought the small 1 carat diamond back to its owner.  The diamond is very special, since it is one of 2000 in De Beers’ limited edition Millenium collection.  De Beers Millennium Diamonds are unique limited edition of diamonds cut and polished by some of the world’s finest craftsmen. Selected for their exceptional fire and brilliance, each diamond has been inscribed, with a number up to 2000 and the name of one of the sky’s most beautiful stars.


I am glad her diamond was found and I know Catherine Hart is incredibly happy.  It is important to take your engagement ring to a jeweler every 6 months for an inspection, to check up on things like prong wear and tear, and to see how your diamonds are holding up in their settings.  Diamonds can come loose at any given moment, no matter how good you think you take care of your ring. 

>>Courtesy of NY Daily News