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Trend: Stackable Stack Rings

What type of ring are people craving for this season? It has to be none other than the Stackable Rings that have been ever so popular these days. Designers have embraced this trend and have been creating the most delicate and elegant pieces ever. A great aspect about these rings is that you can stack a bunch together or just wear one. Another perk is that they are more affordable than large, ornate cocktail rings. I like win-win situations! Check out my favorites below!


This ring can be ordered in your choice of the teal tourmaline or green tourmaline. The ring is done in 14k yellow gold that was carved to look like tree bark! They have such an earthy feel, for a price of $345. They are featured on Lunessa, a site featuring a wide variety of designer jewelry.

Designer Jennifer Meyer created these tiny little gems. You can have it your way when it comes to these–you choose the gold color (white or yellow) and which gem you want (diamond, turquoise, emerald, ruby or sapphire). Mix them up or match them up, whichever you prefer! They are only $125 each and can be found on Roseark. I especially like that you can order them in a size 3 🙂

When I look at these stack rings, I immediately think that an architect designed these. Dana*David designs jewelry keeping her interests in mind, one of them being architecture! I like the one that is a square, and the diamond is off center, placed up in the corner. On her site, you can click on stores, and from there choose your state to find the nearest retailer.