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Trend Spotting: Hand Adornment

jacobandcompany img-daphne-guinnes-glove_120909478960.jpg_article_singleimage gatsby

I’ve been spotting a new trend that involves putting some bling on not just your fingers, but your entire hand! Some may call it a glove, others might call it hand adornment–whatever it is, I know I’ve seen three examples of it just this week, and I am kind of loving it.  Here are the details on the above photos:

1. This photo was snapped by Marion Fasel,  jewelry and watch expert of InStyle magazine, while at BaselWorld.  The creators of this amazing diamond encrusted glove are Jacob & Co.

2. This futuresque glove was designed by the dynamic team of Shaun Leane and Daphne Guiness.  It retails for over one million dollars and is named Contra Mundum, meaning against the world.  An appearance by Leane and the glove was made at GiftLab and it impressed everyone!

3. Tiffany & Co. has some amazing Art Deco jewelry being featured in the upcoming movie The Great Gatsby. This bracelet/ring combo is one of the screen-stealers which is on display in NYC at the moment!