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Tiny Treasures: Rings by Iwona Ludyga Design

Iwona Ludyga was born in Poland in the early 1970s and as a young crafty girl, she used what she had to make clothes and accessories.  Years later, and a move to New York City, she developed her own clothing line, followed by a jewelry line.  Her 14k gold rings are both fun and tiny–perfect for stacking and intermixing with other rings. I think they make great gifts for any jewelry lover, because of the reasonable prices.

SGKT 925-GOLD_lg RBG138_r.birdgold-01

{14k yellow or rose gold key hole ring, Price: $135           Bird ring in 14k yellow gold, Price: $165}

CRS241_CRH242_r.chainstarhe FNR711-R.fleurnoir-gold-silver

{14k yellow gold chain ring, heart or star, Price: $85     Fleur Noir ring in 14k rose or yellow gold, Price: $88}

 FRNS736-R.fossilsmallnatural-gold ABC834-R.Initials

{natural fossil ring in 14k yellow gold, Price: $363          custom initial ring in 14k yellow gold, Price: $264}