Endless talk of all things sparkly.

Statue of David; Gold Gold Gold

A gold rush has come over me.  With all these commercials convincing viewers to “sell your old gold jewelry” I think we should also be investing in gold as well.  Not like the big bars of solid gold, I mean gold jewelry!  Big, chunky pieces.  Some of the best gold jewelry I own is from my grandparents.  They would bring back gorgeous pieces from their trips to Italy for my sisters and I.  We would get so excited to see what treasures they’d find.

DSCF3096 Photography by ALisha
Above is an 18k yellow gold oval link bracelet from one of my grandparents’ trips overseas, given to my sister. Its our favorite keepsake. Now that my grandparents are older, they don’t really go to Italy as much, so we treasure our gold Italian jewelry even more. Below are a few finds that remind me of some of the pieces we treasure.

Greek key is a design that will never go out of style. What better way to capture this classic design than by wearing it around your finger. This ring is a steal at $265…that’s only a dollar a day for a year! From Ross-Simons.

Another classic motif is the fleur de lis. These 18k gold earwires are one-of-a-kind! Designed by Dana David, they remind me of Europe in so many ways.

A lot of the Italian jewelry my grandparents would bring back had enameling on it. This bracelet has green enamel outlining the ends. It is a vintage piece from the 1830s and can be found at Fay Cullen for $3900. The etched detailing is remarkable!