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Spring Inspiration Board 2012

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Spring has definitely sprung–and I have two HUGE tasks to complete in the month of April, which I’ve been preparing for, for quite some time. The first is to pass my Colored Stones final exam from GIA. I have a few more weeks for study, but I am so nervous! The second big goal to complete is the big move–I am moving out of my parents’ house and into my first home. I reluctantly have to pack everything I own, including all the new furniture I’ve been buying and transform a house into a home. This endeavor is most exciting, especially being able to have an entire room dedicated to office space for all things Gem Gossip. A week-long hiatus will take effect, but I will let you know when.

{from top to bottom:

Amphora, the necklace that holds your rings in times where you are not able to wear them

who knew Orthoclase Feldspar could look so incredible? Pictured while studying from GIA

been grabbing hats lately to sheild the sun rather than sunglasses, this is flea market day!

my splurge of the moment–this coffee table for my living room, geometric obsessed in jewelry & decor

a paparazzi shot of Rihanna wearing the coolest rings with the sickest bag

iPhone picture from my desk at work–sorting rubies, with most being synthetic (booo!)

love everything about this picture that has been floating around the web–Chanel, Cartier, and diamonds

obsessed over Eva Fehren, awesome jewelry designer

me (excuse the chipping nail polish) at work with this ring on–from red carpet to my desk!}