Endless talk of all things sparkly.


rosearkweho zaverandmor zoechicco newtwistcustomer cleowalker erstwhile vsterling grayanddavisrings necesssaryexcess {from top to bottom:

Jewelry boutique Roseark’s lovely rings including a huge emerald, cute crosses & arrowhead

Berkeley’s jewelry boutique Zaver & Mor sells designer and estate jewels

Dying to go to a Zoe Chicco trunk show–all her designs are lust-worthy

New Twist has some cool customers–love her entire collection

Two of my favorite picks from Cleo Walker, Gucci nail ring and twisted screw ring

Gorgeous rings from Erstwhile Jewelry Co. all pre-1930s

I always periodically check Victoria Sterling for her latest finds

May have to jet up to NYC’s diamond district and stop by Gray & Davis

I think Instagrammer NecessaryExcess is my long lost twin (triangle diamonds!!)}