Endless talk of all things sparkly.


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{from top to bottom:

Bailey’s Estate Jewelry celebrating the birthstone of May, EMERALDS!

Maria Nilsdotter‘s Freddie ring will be mine someday, pleasepleaseplease

Levys Fine Jewelry also celebrating emeralds, all so unique and pretty

Bali Platform showing off these two beauties–one green amethyst and the other a Herkimer diamond

@speakeasyjewels stacking all her favorite jewels of hers, love each and every one of them

Liz Kantner trying on a rather unique diamond ring that came into Todd Reed for repairs

Dana Rebecca stacking up a neat combo of their collection (happy 9 years!)

Michaans Auctions is having a big auction in June, I can’t wait

Wharfedale Antiques is based in Leeds and these are making me want to come visit!}