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I came across barbedwire while on my endless jewelry searches online–for all those passionate about jewelry, you know how those go!  I was struck by the selection of designers I’ve never heard of before but found to be so, so cool!  Everything from the ear climbers to the stackable rings–the mix of designers is both edgy and trendy.  I love the pieces from Sehti Na, a designer new to me yet immediately on my wish list.  Blackbird and the Snow is another designer carried at barbedwire–I discovered them while attending JCK Luxury preview in NYC last year and was captivated.  I also like how Margery Hirschey is included in the designer lineup because, hey, everyone needs a bold opal solitaire or classic gem piece.

I felt a connection with the owner behind this online boutique and had to find out more!  Turns out Cynthia is just as cool as her shop and has had a passion for jewelry from a very early age.  She, along with many other passionate jewel-fanatics, started out by playing in her mother’s jewelry chest.  To her, the art of layering is so much more than perfecting and coordinating jewelry–it is a form of self-expression and can transform any person or outfit!  With a background in art and painting, a few years of residing in England and a romance with all things grunge, Cynthia knew she could hone her craft into something special.  In September of 2014, barbedwire was born!

The designers featured in her online boutique barbedwire are a blend of her personal style and her influences of Rock and Roll, Mother Nature and Bohemian-vibes.  Cynthia prides herself on providing the best customer service one can imagine.  Things like complimentary 2nd day shipping and gorgeous wrapping help define her brand, leaving customers wanting to come back.  She also has generously given Gem Gossip readers a 20% off discount code, good for one month!

>> Use discount code GEM20 for 20% off your purchase from barbedwire from Tuesday, May 19th until Friday June 19th!!

Can’t wait to follow her shop and see what is in store for her and the future!  She’s currently obsessed with a custom piece from Renee Garvey that is in the works…she says, “It’s a black leather deerskin cuff with a giant boulder opal at its center, Renee Garvey is putting the finishing touches on it and I should have it in my hands in very soon!”