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September Once More…

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September is always my favorite month–beautiful weather, new beginnings, my birthday, the smell of Fall lingering in the air…of course I’ve been incredibly busy, but here are a few glimpses into the latest:

From top to bottom:

{Jewelry used to be something I thought of in my spare time, now it is on my agenda 24/7

Ruffles are easy to accessorize with jewelry, I’ve been purchasing lots of ruffles

Ruby eternity bands as an early birthday gift

Love this sketch and how the rings stand out so well

Planning some more paintings, fall is my season

the store closing sale at Borders turned up this book–this Cartier pin is my favorite 

been coveting this ring from Brooke Gregson, love the look and black diamonds

currently bidding on five different vintage lion door knockers, my collection is growing

really want to do this on the wall of my new house, just don’t know where to get the metal mesh

scored these antique gemstone lithographs from an old German reference book on eBay

antique coral rings from work with my Art Deco nail polish job}