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Royal Jewels

468px_LuiseUlrikevonPreu_en01 jijiji 355px_Olga_Nikola_evna__1841 Great_duchess_kokoshnik

photos courtesy of Royal Portraits

I love looking at royal crown jewels along with the interesting historical figures who wore or commissioned them. It is such an interesting topic, with loads of books that fulfill the yearning for information.  A common theme I see is loads and loads of pearl strands (short and long), crowns of all sizes, brooches, and sautoirs.  A favorite book of mine is Jewels of the Tsars by Prince Michael of Greece (the above photo is the cover). The pages of that book are worth framing.  Speaking of which, while antiquing I picked up a book from the early 1980s which focuses on the British Royal Family.  I usually pass by the overwhelming shelves full of out-of-print books in antique shops but for some reason I was drawn right to it.  If you don’t have the opportunity of buying a book, Royal Portraits has been a big favorite of mine for awhile.  Such a great idea for the subject of a blog to be royal portraits.