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Rare Indicolite Tourmaline Ring Worth $125k 😱


When Joe Murawski showed so much enthusiasm for this one single ring, I immediately knew it was going to be breath-taking.  Joe has seen thousands, if not millions, of pieces of jewelry in his lifetime.  He is the owner and founder of Joden Jewelers in Grove City, Pennsylvania — easily one of the coolest jewelry stores I’ve been to. A few months went by, I had my baby, and there was Joe still as excited about this ring as he was when he first told me about it.  Little did I know this ring was even more special than he was leading on.  You see, it had won four awards in one year, including the JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award for Best Ring Design over $10,000 category for 2019. “Over $10,000” is essentially meaningless with this ring because it is practically priceless.

The center stone alone is quite mythical — so rare to find an Indicolite Tourmaline of that size (58.05 carats) and of that clarity. The stone comes from an estate buyout which Joe was lucky to be a part of.  He purchased all the jewelry from the late Tamara Toumanova, a Russian-American ballet dancer whose parents escaped Russia during the revolution. She became famous from her dancing talent and was a ballet dancer both on and off screen. She married Casey Robinson and had an affinity for jewelry, especially gemstones from South America. This magnificent tourmaline was one of the pieces Joe had acquired from that estate and although he held onto it for a few years, he knew it was going to be made into something beautiful one day.

And beautiful it was — this ring was created using absolutely no CAD nor casting, just platinum wire and years of experience. The diamond melee chosen is all single cut stones, to evoke the 1920s time period. The two shield cut diamonds left me speechless — those total 5.33 carats, each breath-taking in their own right.

I felt honored to experience this ring — thank you so much Joe and Joden Jewelers for trusting me with this incredible masterpiece. Hope you enjoy this video and please share it with anyone who loves jewelry!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Joden.

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