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Q & A with Shoma Lahiry of Tola Jewelry


Tola Jewelry caught my attention immediately as it reflected an intense attention to gold. The rich metal takes center stage in every design, with minimal or absolutely no gemstones within each piece. I can see the architectural influences (which she holds a masters degree in), the Indian influences (of her heritage and inspiring visits), and handcrafted distinction (she is trained in wax carving and traditional metalsmithing techniques). I am excited to share this jewelry line with my readers and I hope you’ll fall for her designs like I have!



At the moment I’m working on a small collection called Linea – inspired by the properties of curvature and line. I’ve always subscribed to a ‘less is more’ approach in both my work and life, so this collection really pays homage to that notion…it’s a tightly focused group of pieces, simple yet sophisticated and primarily originating from only one material – square wire. I’m also really excited to be designing a few amazing one of a kind bridal commissions this summer – it’s always such an honor to work with clients on custom commitment jewelry.

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I grew up visiting my grandparents in India every summer. Needless to say, the rich jewelry tradition of South Asia is intoxicating, and I was fascinated by every bit of it from an early age. My infatuation for handmade fine jewelry really took root back then, but I never imagined forming my own company around it!

Formally I have a BA in English/Creative Writing and a Master’s degree in Architecture. After school I worked for several years as an architect – designing everything from residential homes and commercial interiors to temporary installation projects. Eventually though I started to miss that feeling of working directly with my hands. On a whim, I signed up for a series of evening metal-smithing classes at SVA in New York, and followed that with multiple wax-carving courses. Learning to sculpt in wax was the bait and I was hooked after seeing my volumetric construction sketches take shape! After an intensive summer study at the Revere Academy in San Francisco I dove in head-first and launched my debut collection in the Fall of 2013.



Two months into my official launch, a friend commissioned me to design an engagement ring for his girlfriend. It was my first foray into bridal jewelry and the ring was a surprise. Truthfully, I was a bit nervous to create a bespoke piece with no design direction from the bride herself. I tasked her boyfriend with taking secret photos of his girlfriend’s existing jewelry collection so I could get a loose sense of her style and aesthetic. Luckily everything worked out and the ring was a huge success! I went on to design the wedding bands and bridal party jewelry and hand-delivered everything to their beautiful destination wedding in Tulum. Being part of such a wonderful union was truly remarkable – I feel so fortunate to do what I love and share that joy with others!

Ashley + Bryan Wedding at Playa Kin Ha and El Tabano in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico. Ashley + Bryan Wedding at Playa Kin Ha and El Tabano in Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico.


The future is wide open! Aside from expanding my business and working on more bespoke/commitment pieces, I’d love to study more about gemology and the history of jewelry. There is always so much more to learn – both from the old and new. I’m continually fascinated by the intersection of traditional and modern and aim to keep exploring ways to exhibit that relationship in my work.

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My Kali Ring – I designed it to have a soft yet strong look – perfect for dressing up or down. I wear it everyday either as a ring or necklace, and it never fails to attract admirers!

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