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Q & A with Roseark owner Kathy Rose

kathyrose My love for Roseark and jewelry designs by Kathy Rose began long ago during my page-flipping and page-tearing days of reading Lucky magazine. Her designs always intrigued me–manta rays, snakes, bugs, eagles–many creatures that were never before portrayed in jewelry until she created them.

Roseark has been Kathy’s jewelry lair, where she not only showcases her designs but pulls in the best-of-the-best jewelry designers–people she is just as passionate about as the designers themselves. Roseark is located in West Hollywood, by appointment only. I got a chance to catch up with Kathy and see what is going on in her jeweled life! 7725264292_c30743e4ce

The whole career started with my fascination in stones and their properties. For instance, garnet–it has been said that it was used in the breast plate of high priests and garnet extracts negative energies from the chakras.

I started designing jewelry after that. My first piece I ever designed was my snake cuff years ago. A simple…classic design that took off…(I think mostly for its simplicity and that you can sleep and shower in it). Meryl Streep wore on cover of W magazine (my career highlight!)

My first pair of Isicle earrings–Arianne Phillips bought a pair for Madonna, Cameron Diaz wore them in Vanilla Sky, Demi Moore wore to her Charlies Angels premier and Courtney Cox wore on cover of People Magazine, all in one month…that iss how it all started! 🙂


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I am working on putting a page together for FOAM MAGAZINE. It will be covering the Year of the Snake. I am also working on SUNSET BOULEVARDS GIBSON GUITAR project. I designed a guitar with stones and gems from all around the world. The piece is inspired by Alanis Morisette’s UTOPIA. The guitar has turned into a diamond, sapphire, citrine, garnet, opal, pyrite, crystal encrusted GEM GUITAR. The event is at the HORNBURG SHOWROOM next week..I can’t wait for the unveiling!!

photo 53 guitar 7725319162_f9dd251201

The way my partner (RICK ROSE) and myself choose designers is through word of mouth, referrals, and art shows. It really comes down to originality…heart beat…and personality. There are so many designers just buying and reselling, copying and posing. We see thousands of designers in a month in our meetings…just copying…it’s boring…it’s not design.

Daniela Villegas…her art, her design??! Beyond! Karma El Khalil–her refined eye for design..her work takes my breath away. Elisabeth Bell is fresh, new, raw, and sexy. Stormie has pure medicine pieces, love! Arik Kastan the amulets and stones are stunning. Jill Hoffmeister has such original innovative designs, a true artist. And so many more…we are so proud of who we have in our gallery!

photo 4 photo 44 The Rachel Zoe Project 4454991248_9aaeeb37e7

Our dreams for the future?? We are always expanding, growing, changing, overcoming and BECOMING. We are so excited for August/September…new designers…new ventures…magic…coming soon!

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Favorite piece of jewelry I own Danielle?? ughhh…you really have to do that to me?? I wear so much…my pieces…my heart…my talismans.. ohhhhh if I had to pick one?? really??? arghhhhh..

My dozen roses necklace I wear everyday of my life…my rattlesnake necklace and karma cuff never come off…my karma body chain wraps me and I feel so protected and safe in it. All my snake cuffs and bracelets, my antelope and snake, eagle and if I had to pick one??…drum roll..my saffron ring!

Rick designed it–it is original…crazy…all that makes me happy…so different and sexy, and I layer it with two( couture brass knuckles..lol)! It’s got to be my fave…but so hard…they are all my faves!

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