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Q & A with Romy Schreiber of Gumuchian


Gumuchian is the epitomy of upscale, family-run, classically gorgeous jewelry design.  Anita Gumuchian and daughters Myriam and Patricia are the forces behind this company, who pride themselves on their slogan–“designed by women for women.” After achieving much success worldwide, the brand has decided to conquer the world wide web. That’s where fifth generation Romy Schreiber comes into play. What better way to launch an already successful brand into a never before chartered social media world?  Romy has established Gumuchian in the social media scene where jewelry lovers swoon over the diamond-dripping Instragram photos, fun daily posts on Facebook and informative tweets.  

>> Gem Gossip got a chance to catch up with this newly graduated and newly hired beauty, where she answers some of our questions:


I am the fifth generation to join my family business and I am the Social media director and marketing coordinator for Gumuchian. Gumuchian, a high end jewelry company, is not just a family business but a longstanding tradition in the diamond industry. Their collections range from bridal to classic, fashion and one-of-a-kind jewelry. Designed by women for women, Gumuchian prides themselves on their feminine and timeless designs that are all made in New York City.




Aside from posting on facebook, tweeting about jewelry, instagramming and pinning, I have been getting Gumuchian into as many editorial shoots for reputable magazines as possible. I am also working on getting Gumuchian into New York Fashion Week with a designer who’s name cannot be revealed just yet! We are also going to be on a TV show with a world renowned stylist, that is focusing on the Bridal category, which is very exciting! I recently got Gumuchian in the new Biore commercial too which was my first accomplishment here.

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My favorite Gumuchian pieces are from our newest Gallop Collection which has a trendy meets classic equestrian motif that really speaks to me. Specifically, our 18kt white gold diamond bi pass ring and our 18kt rose gold pave diamond gallop bracelet. I love the architectural curves and structure of these two pieces. They’re cool, age appropriate and wearable day to night.

When it comes to styling, I put Gumuchian jewelry together in ways my family would never think of. I like to mix and match collections, textures, metals, and stones. I’m trying to push a more editorial look which has unexpectedly drawn a lot of attention. I like mixing traditional pieces in non-traditional ways. By assembling my arms and hands with different metals, stones and collections I’m modernizing their designs and bringing a different kind of fun to their pieces. I’m trying to push the jewelry envelope by engaging our fans with juicy images of my own style with my family’s timeless designs. Styling images with a bunch of rings stacked on my fingers is me putting forth my fantasy styling into real life images.

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My hopes are that whatever I’m doing, somehow translate into more sales, growth and expansion. I’m still very new at this position. I was educated in fashion design at Parsons not social media and marketing, so, my techniques on how to communicate and engage people (in the social media world) are coming from a natural place rather than a tactical strategy of any kind. Every move I make here whether it’s a facebook post, a tweet, an email I literally say to myself “I hope this works.” So to answer your question, I hope for A LOT of things!

My dreams, essentially, are to expand my family business (and take over the office that just opened next door!) Fill that space with another factory that will produce a younger, less expensive jewelry line that is more feasible and accessible for women my age and up. My grandmother is 80 years old and said she’s not retiring until I accomplish that… so I have to get moving!

My goal is to make a name for myself, in an industry where my family has been reputable for generations. I’m bringing a new perspective to this company and it’s very much appreciated. I believe that normal gets you nowhere and thinking outside of the (jewelry) box is how we are going to succeed in today’s world.



My favorite pieces of jewelry, that I cannot live without, let alone take off, are my two “Romy” necklaces. Both necklaces represent who I am which is why I am so attached to them. The gold Romy evokes my New York City demeanor. And the diamond Romy embodies my personality; It’s little, sparkly, feminine and unique.