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Q & A with Meaghan, Sales Director of Jemma Wynne

photo-5 Instagram is fun. Almost inevitably addicting. And when you follow people in the jewelry biz on Instagram, it is total happiness. So many great pictures dripping with diamonds and gemstones. That’s where Gem Gossip and NecessaryExcess met–it started off with a couple pictures “Showing me her Rings.”  Then it followed with several “likes” with each others’ photos. Then it became, “hey, we are long lost twins.” I had to know more about the girl named “NecessaryExcess” and found out she is the sales director behind the amazing brand Jemma Wynne. She gladly answered some questions about her cool jewel-job: sb2

I started at JW a little over a year ago after meeting through a great friend. I’ve always been in sales and jewelry is my first and foremost passion. So, after meeting and hitting off, I was thrilled when Steph and Jenny offered me the job.

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The best part of my job is that there is no ‘typical work day.’ I write orders, ship orders, connect with new retailers, maintain great relationships with our current ones, host trunk shows, travel a ton…it really is different everyday and I love it.



My life right now is trunk shows and traveling for the Holiday season. We just launched at Harrod’s and that was an amazing trip to London for me. I’ve been all over the place the last couple of months, keeping the stores filled with enough inventory to keep their clients happy and catching up with them. I love visiting the stores. It’s, obviously, a year round part of the gig, but quite frequently now. When this winds down, we will start prepping for Couture!

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Feeling really passionate about what you are selling is the only way to be successful in sales. I truly love the collection and I’m proud to wear it…and i think that comes through in how I do my job. So, my favorite part is not having to fake it!

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Oh God. Um, I don’t know. I love them all differently! Some are sentimental, some are awesome, some are rare, etc. Everything is different. Obviously, my true favorites are my wedding rings, though I never wear them. They are vintage and I’m hard on my jewels. My favorite everyday pieces are my Jemma Wynne bangles and my pinky rings. I’ve been rocking the pinky stack for a long time now and it’s not going anywhere 🙂

(pictured on pinky: a gift from her husband on her birthday, 2010. Flea market find; rubies, diamonds, and gold!)