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Q & A with Kate of “Heart of Solid Gold”

Antique Bird RingOne of the best aspects of having a jewelry blog is interacting with not only fans and collectors of jewelry, but other girls who have jewelry blogs too–even if they are an entire ocean away! I met Kate through Instagram and have been reading her blog for awhile now. She writes a blog called Heart of Solid Gold where she talks about her jewelry finds, both old and new, as well as some of her favorite designer pieces.  

I’ve admired her ring collection and wanted to know more about it and what it was like being an antique jewelry collector living in England! She answers some questions exclusively for Gem Gossip and gives us a peek into her jewelry box! Enjoy! sb-4

I’ve lost count! I’d say I had about 65 the last time I counted them and I’ve definitely bought a few more since then.

I’ve been collecting antique jewellery for about 5 years, having been given some of my grandma’s most treasured rings. I’ve always had a love for jewellery since being very young but it was only really when I could afford to buy jewellery that I began seriously collecting antique pieces.

As well as collecting rings I also collect antique brooches, necklaces and bracelets but there is something about rings that have me completely hooked! I love looking at people’s hands when I am out, seeing what rings they wear. I think rings tell a lot about someone and I love the sentiment they carry.



I’m a big fan of birds in antique jewellery, particularly doves, and I also love snake rings. To be honest I usually fall in love with any antique ring which features an animal – I think because I love animals! They are also usually rarer, making them harder to find and all the more rewarding when you do!

Bird Collection


This is a real tough question – I honestly can’t say I could pick just one. I love my rings for many different reasons. Each Christmas and birthday I am very lucky and receive rings as presents from my boyfriend and family. They help increase my collection as it isn’t the cheapest hobby to have!

Favourite rings 1 Favourite rings 1 from left to right (see photo)

Antique moonstone and diamond clover ring – a Christmas present from my parents for Christmas 2 years ago

Antique gold and platinum diamond trilogy ring – given to me by my boyfriend for my 21st birthday

Antique gold and diamond art deco ring – my first purchase at an antique jewellery auction

Antique platinum, diamond and sapphire art deco ring – given to me by my parents for my 21st birthday

Antique rose cut diamond marquise ring – I had wanted a ring like this for such a long time but they were always so expensive. I finally found this one after about a year long search that was in my price range

Antique Gold and ruby fish ring – I love how quirky this ring is, I’ve never seen another like it

Favourite Rings 2

Favourite rings 2 from left to right (see photo)

Victorian enamel, diamond and pearl mourning ring

Antique turquoise and diamond ring

Antique art deco diamond gold and silver ring – a Christmas present from my parents

Georgian pearl and diamond flower ring – one of my grandma’s most treasured rings

Antique diamond and emerald gold double horseshoe ring

*There are so many more I could mention! I only ever buy what I truly love so each one is special in its own

way to me.


I do a lot of my searching online. Usually I see a ring that I fall head over heels for but can’t afford. I then set my sights on finding something similar, whether it is a particular style, certain gem or metal. I then scour antique shops, markets and auctions until I find something I love just as much but that is in my price range!

Antique Snake Ring Antique Micromosaic Dove Ring


York is one of my ultimate hunting places for jewellery – there are some of the most amazing antique jewellery shops there and it is such a pretty place to visit.

I also love visiting Grays Antique Centre which sits just behind Oxford Street in London. The antique traders there have some of the most amazing jewellery I have ever seen. I love antique jewellery books, flicking through each page and finding jewellery that you could only ever dream of. At Grays there are so many antique pieces you could only find elsewhere in books – it is like Aladdin’s Cave.

Antique Diamond Panther Ring from Grays Antiques One of my own antique pin conversion rings