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Q & A with Jewelry Designer Susan Foster

susanfosterjewelry Susan Foster designs some amazing jewelry–she’s been doing so for over 12 years. And things are just getting more and more exciting in her world. This November Susan Foster haute couture collection launches, with very little clues as to what these jewels are going to look like. Judging from past collections, the new designs are going to be nothing less than breath-taking. Gem Gossip will be sure to cover all the details when the designs are revealed in November. Until then, check out this quick interview with Susan Foster: speechbubble01

It was great.  I would highly recommend a budding jewelry designer to study at GIA, as one cannot fully create nor understand the physics of a piece of jewelry without knowing and appreciating the materials involved.  I gained a wealth of information at GIA and I cant image having moved forward in my jewelry career without studying there first.   I wanted so badly early on to work with a spectrum of rare gemstones but I needed the knowledge to back it up……with eventually lead to confidence in my decision making!  susanfosterr bubble1

hmmm, that is really hard to say.  I would have to look back in previous collections to answer that.  Once I’m done with a collection I truly move on and cannot remember what sold over the years. I’ve been designing over 12 years so it’s hard to remember. In my current collection everything is selling very well and I’m very happy with everything 2010.    susanfoster2 q3

There are a few.   Many years ago, all in the same month Neiman Marcus picked up my line, my jewelry was on the the cover of InStyle, and Stevie Nicks came over to my one bed apartment at the time for my private jewelry party.  Stevie was also wearing my jewelry in the inside of that very same issue coincidentally.   Equal to that was when Maria Shriver (years later) asked me to restore numerous pieces that were heirlooms, given to her by her grandmother, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy.  It was wonderful working on Rose Kennedy’s jewelry for the 1920’s.



I love this opal handmade bangle which clasps in the front that I designed.   Diamonds surround the opal in front and it’s just dreamy.  It is in 18k rose gold, which is my favorite gold and I love opals.  I love handmade. susanfoster3 speechbubble02  

Ah, I wish I could tell…… but it’s a secret for now.