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Q & A with Jewelry Designer Ray Griffiths






Ray Griffiths’ Australian roots translate extremely well into jewelry–the prettiest diamonds, opals and sapphires come from the sunny gem mines of Australia–and so do the prettiest jewelry designs. Ray’s techniques involve intricate “crownwork” that sort of mimic crown molding in a house–it finishes it off and looks exquisite.

I also admire his love for antiquity, which you can see throughout his work.

I got a chance to catch up with the designer and get some interesting questions answered:


I am really enjoying developing our pendants and charms. I have always loved a big glamorous charm bracelet and am expanding the charm line.

I bought some really beautiful agate drops at the gem show in Tucson – crème brulee, guava and mint agate. I am currently working on some really great earrings to make these stones pop and frame them in my crown work.

I also love working with my private customers of custom pieces, I have a particularly juicy 5ct yellow diamond that I am working on right now. It’s going to be quite a rock when I am done!

Agate Drops


Earrings are the best seller for us but there is a particular necklace that I just cannot keep in stock. Its a triple wrap with 18ct Yellow Gold crown work clover leafs strung with black tourmaline, pearl, chrysoprase or turquoise. It can we worn long, doubled or tripled, and is designed so the clover leafs line up however you wear it. It’s one of those great jewels that you can wear with jeans or a t-shirt or to a black tie event depending on how you style it. slideshow_5 q3

Growing my business and brand in New York. I had a very successful career in Australia and giving that up to start over was not easy. Many years of hard work and sacrifice followed my move to Manhattan but realizing my vision for my own line of fine jewelry was worth it. Moving the company to our beautiful showroom on 5th avenue last year was a defining moment for me and the business.

Showroom_Studio 3graces6

I want to continue to grow the brand in the US and eventually abroad. I am developing a new cabochon line that I hope to be fully realised by next year. I would also love to see my jewels at the Oscars and in the pages of Vogue! slideshow_1 q5

I am very much a jewelry wearer, it’s why my own designs are so comfortable. I have about 6 signet rings that I have made over the years, I kinda like them all equally and I never leave the house without a ring on !!

That would be like forgetting to put pants on !

Rays Rings