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Q & A with Jewelry Designer Naomi Maslon



Lately I’ve been intrigued by jewelry that has an architectural feel. It was no surprise to find out that jewelry designer Naomi Maslon has a masters degree in landscape architecture. Her designs are very structural and sculptural, especially the rings in her Parallels collection. I had to find out more about her work, so check out her interview below! Naomi’s designs can be found over on her website as well as jewelry boutique Broken English. All her rings below are made of recycled 18k rose gold.


I feel a strong pull to help save the flora and fauna of the ocean so, I am in the beginning stages of pairing up with a non-profit organization to which I can dedicate a portion of my proceeds. clusterbandpinkg148copycopy_450



I am really fascinated by what transforms certain objects into heirlooms and this is one of the questions that drives me as a designer.  I see people gravitating towards pieces that have a tangible and timeless symbology, some find this in the clusters, some in the amulets, while others the parallels. But always, the heart remains an icon that resonates with many.



Jumping in head first!

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I recently saw a beautiful exhibit at the V & A Museum in London that deepened my intrigue into the ritual use of jewelry. This has me, once again, exploring my personal symbols of luck, love, goodwill and protection. heavy4linepinkg_copy_450


An antique cocktail ring that belonged to my great grandmother, it holds her memory in its misshapen band. Like a leather couch worn by the years with a warm soft patina. I love that. twosegmentpinkg111_copy_450