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Q & A with Jewelry Designer Katrina Kelly

Katrina Kelly


Katrina Kelly creates whimsical jewelry using gold and platinum mixed with eye-catching gemstones. She has three collections currently–Frankincense & Myrrh, 7 Layers of Love, and Couture. I think each collection has tiny influences of her jewelry training. She studied in Italy and worked for a Turkish jewelry company. Do you see the small resemblances?

Check out each piece in her collection over at her website. Katrina took some time to answer five questions for Gem Gossip!

Check them out below:



There are so many new collections in the works. On the immediate horizon, by way of customer demand, I am adding different sizes and varieties to my 7 Layers of Love® rings and charms.


7 Layers of Love® Charms


The 7 Layers of Love® Rings and Charms, Vault Rings and Wisdom Wand TM Pendants, which were just debuted for Holiday 2011.

7 Layers of Love Ring Stacked q3

The past year was the second year that my 7 Layers of Love® collection had caught on and gained presence. During the holiday season, many women came back to get a 2nd or 3rd Layers of Love® ring and/or charm. Some had purchased the entire set of 7, while others bought one and planned to add to the set every year. Since I had designed this collection with my own personal ideas of romantic and self-love in mind, I find it beautiful and gratifying that so many women relate to it. As cliché as it sounds, I am so proud to create jewelry for women, from a woman. Jewelry truly does help us shine. Also, I am immensely proud that my jewelry remains innovative, beautiful, symbolic, and is skillfully-crafted.

Dome Vault Rings 3graces6

My ambition is to continue creating a high-caliber product that resonates with women on an allegorical, symbolic and intrinsic level. Temple and Spire q5

I wear my 7 Layers of Love® rings and Wisdom Wand TM pendants almost everyday. Also, I wear this rocker-studded bracelet from a whimsical boutique in Aspen called Misstyx, along with my Wisdom, Temple and Spire bangles for a fun eclectic look.

Wisdom Wand Pendants