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Q & A with Jewelry Designer Jess Hannah


If you’re on the hunt for jewelry that is just as chill and laid back as the designer, look no further than J.Hannah Jewelry, where designer Jess creates everyday pieces in her downtown LA studio with her cat by her side. A self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady,” don’t let the usual stereotypes get in the way–she is gorgeous, chic and has the coolest style–and a boyfriend!  So, I do believe she is changing that “crazy cat lady” stereotype one day at a time!  I know you’ll love her fine jewelry pieces from her collection, of which several new pieces just launched over the weekend!



I just launched new pieces on my site! That has taken up a lot of my time until now. I just started working on a little collab with a friend who also has a jewelry line but that is under wraps for now.

BDThinRing1 DotRing1 BDBandRing1


I studied graphic design in college and on the side started taking metalsmithing classes out of a local jeweler’s garage. I slowly started acquiring my own tools and watched youtube tutorials in my spare time. A torch for Hanukkah is every girl’s dream, right? After I graduated, I apprenticed with a duo of fine jewelers in San Luis Obispo. Later on, I started my own line and moved to LA. I used to make every piece myself but I know have a bench jeweler that helps me out with production.

IMG_0086 3 Honestly, the first ring I ever made would have to be my proudest moment. It wasn’t anything fancy- just a silver hammered band ring, but boy was it a great feeling to find what I am truly passionate about. I have always been obsessed with jewelry, but making it myself was when things really clicked for me. My best friend still has that first ring I made.

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Since I was making everything myself up until a few months ago, I wasn’t really open to wholesaling. Now that I have help, it would be really awesome to see my pieces in some of my favorite stores. I am being really picky about which stores I want my line in. It has to be a perfect fit. It will be really fun to visit my pieces, I’m such a nerd when it comes to stuff like that.

DSCF6687 5

I inherited a lot of my grandma’s jewelry. She was such a badass and had the nicest jewels. I actually created a necklace and bracelet inspired by one of the pieces I have from her- it’s called the Clara. Asking me to choose a favorite from my collection is like asking me to choose a favorite child. Currently I’ve been wearing the Atlas ring on repeat… And my Cat’s Meow necklace because i’m a crazy cat lady = ^ -^ =

clarenecklace atlasring CatNecklace1