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Q & A with Jewelry Designer Ileana Makri


It all first started with the little, mini snake rings that Ileana Makri designs. They caught my attention! I also spotted a ring that was one long snake, which coiled around two fingers–essentially making it a two-finger ring! I had to know more! Luckily, my chance came to actually touch, feel and try on her jewelry at Couture in Vegas. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as well as find some more favorites from her extensive line. I fell in love with the yellow gold shield ring done in all turquoise. Definitely on my wish list! She gave us some more insight into her world by answering a few questions for Gem Gossip:


I am currently working on my GEOMETRY LINE. Geometry is a culmination of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. That said, shape & space are often used within various cultures to express spirituality, philosophy and astronomy.  With my new collection I attempt to merge jewelry design along with the sense of spirituality, mathematics and astronomy. Using geometric creations within my craft not only allows me to dream and escape, but it also enables me to interpret the universe through a unique perspective.  




I studied jewelry design at GIA in Santa Monica. While I learned a lot through this educational experience, my infatuation with jewelry began when I started making play necklaces at the age of 5. As a teenager I spent many an afternoon at jewelry workshops in Athens, which is where I grew up, watching work masters in their workshops. I always found the art of creating jewelry absolutely fascinating. I consider jewels micro sculptures.




Every time I collaborate with creative individuals, or I enter a new store carrying my jewelry that I feel has a unique concept and aesthetic, I am especially proud.

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I always like to experiment with new materials and techniques; I aim to bring an edge to my brand by introducing various kinds of jewelry. At the moment I am enraptured by enamel so you can expect to see that material in my future collections.

My dream is to spend a lot more time in my house on the Island of Patmos and my deepest hope is that Greece quickly bounces back from this recession a stronger more unified land.




My favorite pieces are a Mosaic set depicting the History of Rome, a Barry Kieselstein-Cord mask ring and a carved moonstone necklace I inherited from my grandmother.